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My cancer was discovered in December of 2001 a biopsy was done; first surgery was done to remove the cancer on 12/31/2001, in January I underwent radiotherapy at the Radiation Foundation in Independence. Another mammogram was done in June and the Cancer had returned. Surgery was done on July 10th 2002 to remove what was there.
Talking to my Doctor about it all "Dr Ommen" She referred me to Dr Robinson to go over having the breast removed.

Cancer came back in right breast and I was sent to Dr Robinson, there we had decided to remove the right breast and they could rebuild it with my stomach.

Surgery was scheduled for May 14th 2003 that was a Wednesday; I was to be there at 6 am. My sister took me. Surgery lasted 9 hours.

My right breast was removed and my stomach fat was taken off and attached to my right breast, called a flap. I was taken to my room in extreme pain in my stomach. They were going to let me go home on Friday but a black blister had come up below my breast so they kept me until, Monday May 19 so they could watch it, my breast was dressed in gauzes made with petroleum jelly. The blister was still there and growing, all of the Doctors saw it, but they chose to send me home anyway. The Nurses started coming out the next day to check the wound, and change dressing.

May 20th Julie Henderson was the first to come out the black spot kept getting bigger and bigger. I will take you by day at some points

May 21 Debbie came out to change dressing and told me that it was looking better.

May 22 Black was still growing under right breast. No nurse today had a doctors appointment with Dr Colyer, I was unable to go because I couldn't even walk yet, so I made it for the following Thursday the 29th, by that time the whole underneath of my breast was black and had a strong nasty odor to it, (see pic). It was about an inch and a half wide and 8 inches long, very hard. Dr Colyer scheduled me for sugary the 3rd of June.

Monday June 3 rd, before the sugary he told me that he might let me go home that day. After the Surgery the nurse in the recovery room told me that I was going to stay a couple days, that night when the nurse came in to change my dressing I asked for a mirror and saw what he had done for the first time, (see pic), unbelievable to me, I was laid wide open it was 3" wide and 8" long and 2" deep, the infection had eaten clear down to my chest cavity. The staples in my stomach were taken out and there was a 3 opening that hadn't healed that he had left open to heal on its own. I couldn't sleep; I was so upset over what had just happened.

Tuesday Dr Colyer went out of town.

Wednesday June 4th I noticed a lump under my right arm, Thursday when I told Dr Robinson about it he told me that they just packed it to tight, my daughter Melissa was there at the tie and she said something to him about the lump not being right and he snapped at her that he had been in the business for a long time and he knew what he was doing, that evening I asked the nurse to help me look and when I took the gauze off it looked like someone had blown their nose on it and it had an odor to it. No culture was ordered, the nurses tried to have one done but Dr Robinson didn't think I needed it.

This was hurting really bad so Saturday the 7th I paged Dr Hall (Dr Colyer's partner) and all he did was change the dressing to saline with bleach in it. Sunday Dr Robinson told me that Dr Colyer would clean it out on Monday.

Monday he was to busy so he set it up for Tuesday June 10th, I was taken into Surgery about 6 pm, he had to dig out 4 inches towards my back because the infection had eaten that much, (NOTE: it had been 6 days from the time I felt the lump till the time they finally did something) A pic line was placed in my left arm due to the antibiotics burning my veins. I was told that I would be in there about 10 more days.

Wednesday June 11th I started the hyperbaric chamber, this was an everyday deal. The wound was also cleaned out by pulsevac everyday.

Thursday the 12th a culture was taken. Dr Robinson also told me that if for some reason my insurance company didn't pay for all this not to worry about it that they would just write it off and how upset Dr Colyer was about all of it.

June 13th Surgery day, 7: 45 am and on time, Dr Colyer took more out under my arm and out of the middle of my chest. Green puss came back.

June 14th and 15th still had allot of green pus

June 16th Dr Colyer came into see me and told me that after Surgery on 6-17-03 that we were going to talk about removing the flap. That afternoon Dr Brewer came in (he is an infectious disease doctor), there were 2 infections found, one was called PSUDOMOMAS AERUGINOSA and the other was called??

Dr Brewer changed my antibiotic to fight both infections that were there.

June 17th Went to Surgery and more was taken out in both places and they put the gauzes on with tape (states on my armband that I am allergic to tape), his nurses did not tell Dr Colyer that my sister was waiting to talk to him, I only got to see him long enough before the Surgery to see him sign a paper. The nurse in recovery (Connie Redwing) was the rudest coldest person I had ever met, went off and left me for a long time, when she came back I told her just to take me up to my room.

June 18th Dr Colyer came in and told that the nurses told him that there was no one out there with me that day that is why he didn't go out and talk with my sister.

June 19th Surgery again, he said that it was looking pretty good and that I could go home tomorrow, but they wanted me to come back down to St Lukes everyday at 8 am for pulse vac and the hyperbaric chamber, but I am unable to drive. So there for I couldn't go.

I was sent home Saturday the 21st of June. Supplies and Vancomycin were delivered to my home. Norma the in home nurse came out and changed my dressings and set up the IV for me and showed me how to change it myself. I received a letter in the mail stating that Dr Robinson was moving to Florida and that as of July 1st he will no longer take care of his patients, so there for I will have to find a new doctor to take over.

June 22nd Norma came out to change gauzes and I had told her that I was so sick to my stomach and that my chest hurt really bad due to the meds that I was on, called Dr Colyer about meds making me sick to my stomach.

June 23rd No one came out, I did not go to hospital because I couldn't drive and I was very sick.

June 24th Norma came out to change dressing, I called Dr Robinson and told him that I couldn't take it anymore the med was making me sick, my breast was laid open I couldn't take a bath or shower and I was hurting really bad and angry that they had done this to me. (I am a single parent that has a house to keep up and I have NO income now). Dr Robinson told me to cut down on the IV meds to only do it once a day and to run it in slower also to give it a couple days and see how things were then, so I did, he gave me metoclopramide 10 mg 1X4 hours as needed for my stomach. Norma sat and talked with me for a while because I was so upset and beside myself with all this, she made me feel a little better and told me just to hang in there that it would be OK. Very nice of her to care.

June 25th More med was delivered along with a new pump a different nurse came out to change dressing. I had diarrhea all night

June 26th had diarrhea all day, Norma changed dressing and pic line dressing. I have been having allot of pain in the middle of my chest and under my arm, Norma took a stool sample @ 5pm, they are checking for a virus. Took some dicyclomine 20 mg to stop the diarrhea.

June 27th sent someone new out today, I backed off the antibiotics which helped cut down on the diarrhea could not sleep due to cramping in knees and shoulders and arms.

June 28th Julie Henderson came in morning to change gauzes and draw blood, could not get it through the pick line and left the blood sitting in the pick line, she then took it out of the right hand, and then went back to flush it out and the pick line broke, had to go down to

St Luks emergency clinic for them to fix my line, I was down there 2 and half-hours. There was a needle and a tube of blood under my bed. The emergency room also had to repack my dressing, because Julie dressed it wrong. I told head nurse Debbie not to have her come back.

Monday June 30th Called Dr Robinson and Dr Brewer again. Debbie came over to change my dressing and she is going to help me get some $ help. She saw all the green goop and is going to get my antibiotics changed; Norma came by to change my pic line. Called Dr Robinson about X rays that were taken of my head and he said that he would call me back tomorrow, he never did. July 1st through the 3, doing better as far as the antibiotics not making me as sick. Robinson cut it down to one bag a day.

July 4th new nurse came out she was really nice, still allot of green goop there.

July 5th Francis Tate Did dressing, took a shower

July 6th Francis changed dressing

July 7th Norma changed dressing and took blood had a bad night with diarrhea again, took shower.

July 8th Took shower Rachelle came out to change dressing, very sore and painful due to not getting pain meds refilled and that was bullshit

I left a message with Tommy Allen 440-0666 Dr Robinson nurse and no one has taken over his patients Called and left message for Dr Colyer to call me back. Dr Brewer can't call in meds for me and I was told to call Colyer back. Called Colyer office back and talked to his Nurse Liz she told me that I was a "problem child" and told me that this would be the last time I would get anymore pain meds, what ever!

July 9th Drank some coffee in the morning and it made me sick to my stomach all day, nurse came in the morning.

July 10th Norma changed pic line dressing and my dressing went to see Dr Colyer and he told me to come back in 2 weeks and maybe then he can start closing it up. He OK 'd pain meds and wanted me to get my regular MD involved, Dr Sheri Ommen, because Dr Robinson up and moved to Florida, and didn't leave anyone to take over his patients.

Friday July 11th Rachelle came out and changed dressing, called in pain meds to Dr Colyer office and they were not filled, had to go all weekend without.

July 12th Nurse came out to change dressing, very sore and no meds for it

July 13th Nurse came out to change dressing, very sore and no meds for it

July 14th Norma came out to change pic line dressing, she said that it looks like the swelling is going down, it also looks like skin flap has grown into my chest. Had to borrow some pain pills because I couldn't take it anymore, called Liz at Dr Collier's office and she said that she will OK them, went to pick up meds and they changed it to Darvaset (make me sick to my stomach and did nothing for the pain.

July 15 Debbie and a lady from the state of Missouri came out told that lady about having no money to pay bills and they are going to send a social worker out to see me. Have an appointment with Dr Ommen; she changed my pain med to Hydrocodone10/650, working out well.

July 16th No nurse. Went to Dr Brewers office saw Dr Fritz Simmons, he upped the % of med to max IV antibiotic I will be on them for another 2 weeks and I am real sore today.

July 17th Rachelle came out to change dressing, pain has calmed down some due to different pain pills and higher dose of antibiotics.

July 18th Rachelle changed dressing today, didn't feel good at all.

July 19th Rachelle changed dressing today, blood pressure was low today.

July 20th Amy changed dressing

July 21st Norma changed pic line dressing and breast dressing, still very sore.

July 22nd Debbie came out to change dressing

July 23rd to July 25th Rachelle came out to change dressing, still very sore.

July 26th Debbie came out to change dressing still real sore and tired.

July 27th Debbie mentioned to me that in a newsletter for St Lukes they were talking about all the infections that come out of the Surgery rooms, and that they were bringing down nurses from other floors.

July 28th Norma changed pic line dressing and breast is stinging under my arm allot.

July 29th Rachelle came out to change dressing my blood pressure was really low and I didn't feel good at all.

July 30th Rachelle came out early today; I have a doc appt with Dr Fritzsimmons. He took me off the IV vacomycin and put me on Cypro, I had told him that there was still some green pus in there.

July 31st No nurse today, Dr Appt with Dr Colyer, set up Surgery for the 13th

August 1st Debbie came out. I had forgot to ask Dr Colyer about taking my horns off my side like he said he would do so I asked his nurse Liz and she told me that I would have to pay out of pocket for it.

August 2nd Rachelle came out and my blood pressure was low and my heart rate was high.

August 3rd new nurse came out today, she was very nice.

August 4th to August 7th Rachelle came out and changed dressing

Social worker for St Lukes came out on the 6th to see me about helping me with util. Bills but she was no help at all, I ended up having to e mail my family for help.

August 8th Rachelle came out; breast is real sore because I woke up the morning before on my right side and it was sore and bloody.

August 9th Tammy came out; the pain is very strong in my breast when I bend over.

August 10th Amy came out; the pain is still the same as yesterday.

August 11th Rachelle came out; middle hole in chest is very red and raw, having sharp pains red and raw under arm. I also have a red rash under my breast.

August 12th Debbie came out the middle of my chest wasn't so red today, but still real sore.

August 13th Surgery day: Picked up my head X rays from Robinson's office before going to hospital. Dr Colyer cut a bigger hole out around the infection. Put stitches under my arm and under the breast. Kept my in the hospital till Friday, I was put back on Vancomycin IV and they had found a staff infection called MRSA "Menthicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus"

When I got to my room my sister was there and we looked to see what he had done this time and we found 2 STAPLES loosely lying in the middle of my chest.

August 14th they started Vancomycin at 12pm and 10pm. Still very sore.

August 15th was taken to a private room because of staff infec. They came in and put in a pic line so I could do home antibiotics, when the pic line was put in it ran up the vein to my throat and had to be pulled out and put back in again. Went home around 3pm. Nurse called that evening and I told her I was OK for now.

August 16th Left arm is sore where IV was, pic line doing OK, chest is very sore, the hole now is about 1" wide and about 2" long and = " deep. No nurse today chest hurt all day, I took a nap and when I woke up I couldn't breath, I called my girlfriend Patty Barnes to take me to the ER at Indep. Reg., they ran a cat scan and took some chest x rays and he gave me a pain shot and sent me home thinking I had acute bronchitis and a touch of pneumonia, picked up meds that he wrote for me the next day, put me on an albriterol inhaler.

August 17th didn't feel good at all today, tried to sleep most of the day.

August 18th Debbie came out, I told her how I was feeling and about going to the ER Saturday night, I told her to call me tomorrow before she came out. I went back and laid down after she left and fell asleep when I woke up it was worse and I couldn't catch my breath, every time I stood up I felt like I was going to pass out and it was like I had just ran around the block 10 times.

I couldn't take it anymore so my daughter Melissa insisted that I go to the hospital so she took me about 12:30 am. My oxygen level was at 77% the ER doctor told me that he was going to keep me because they didnt know what was going on. They ran another cat scan on me and some more x rays, they cat scan showed that I have large pockets of emphozema in both lungs.

August 19th still couldn't breath, could hardly sit on the potty chair next to my bed, if I didn't move at all I was OK. Dr Martinez "pulmonary doctor" had a sonogram ran on my legs to check for clots. No clots. Ran another cat scan on me and there they found 2 types of diseases in my lungs. Debbie called to see how I was doing, that was sweet

Dr Atkins "heart doctor" came in to talk to me; he is going to set up some test for tomorrow.

August 20th Ran a test on my heart, went up through my groin OH OUCH, it looked OK, I go back to see Dr Atkins in 2 months because of High cholesterol

Dr Starlin came in to see me, he is an Infec. Disease doctor, very caring. He set it up for me to see Dr Brock and have a scope ran down to my stomach. Drew some more blood and did a culture on my breast today.

August 21st Dr Brock did the scope and he said that it looked good. They came in and took out my pic line that was in my right arm and put an IV in my hand, Dr Starlin started the Vancomycin and another antibiotic called maxipime 2 grams 1 X a day. They found poison in my blood; they think that having this infection in my breast for so long could have caused it.

After the first bag of the new antibiotic I was starting to feel better.

They took me to another room in the evening because I was taken off the heart monitor and they need to room for another person. I had the blues really bad tonight over all that has happened.

August 22nd Woke up early with some chest pain in the left side of my chest, I was so sad that morning, I sat in the chair and watch the sun come up and cried allot, something I had to get out of my system I guess.

My right breast is really sore, and smelled really bad due to not being able to take a shower. I haven't been able to take a shower all week, because I couldn't stand up, the nurses have been helping me change my dressings on my breast.

They let me go home today, I told them that I would be OK, the nurse called in my meds for me, and he put me on Cipro and Doxycycline Antibiotics. Came home and called about St Lukes home heath care and I will have to call on Monday to get it going again.

August 23rd Felt OK pretty tired

August 24th Felt OK tired and sick to stomach in AM, kind of just dragged all day, burning in right breast.

Monday August 25th Called St Lukes to get home heath set up again, talked with Debbie and she is gong to bring me out some supplies and change dressing.

August 26th No nurse today, we changed it to Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Having no job or no money is about to overwhelm me, had to sell my Grandmothers bedroom set to pay bills.

August 27th Rachelle came out to change dressing, I felt real tired and dizzy today I took a long nap in the afternoon, am fighting a bad headache.

August 28th No nurse today- Called Dr Ommen about Yeast Infec. She called in some med for me. Cancelled appt, with Dr Colyer due to not feeling good at all. Moved it to 09/04/03. Still have a headache

August 29th Debbie came out and changed dressing, the hole in my right breast is looking smaller and a little red. Healing pretty well for now.

August 30th no nurse over the weekend, slept till 2 pm, feeling real tired. Yeast infec. Pill didn't work, had to go get something from Osco.

August 31st still real tired today, starting to heal so it is itching at times.

September 1st Still feeling tired and crabby yeast infec. is driving me crazy.

September 2nd Rachelle came out, brought me out some supplies.

September 3rd No nurse today feels better.

September 4th went to see Colyer today told him about staples and he said it was his fault that he had left them there. He took out my stitches and wants to see me in 3 weeks, he wants the hole to heal on its own and he doesnt want to do anything else to me for about 6 months to give me a break. "I think he is trying to worm out of fixing what has been done"

September 5th felt real tired today

September 6th and 7th no nurse over the weekend.

September 8th Rachelle came out to change dressing; the side of my breast under my arm is bleeding.

September 9th no nurse today

September 10th Debbie called I was asleep- very tired today, she is coming out tomorrow, and she is going to bring me some supplies. I am out of ABD Pads.

September 11th Deb came out to change dressing and bring some supplies out. She is going to cut it down to 2 visits a week now; the hole in my chest is healing pretty well.

September 12th No nurse today, under arm is sore and burning.

September 13 and 14th No nurse over weekend

September 15th Rachelle came out today, under my arm is still sore and burning.

September 16 and 17th No nurse

September 18th Dr Appt with Dr Starlin, things looked good, off antibiotics for now.

September 19th Woke up this morning in allot of pain, it was red and swollen and hot in the middle of my chest. Rachelle came out and I showed it to her and it seems that I have another infec. going on. She called Dr Colyer's office and talked to Liz and she told Rachelle to change my dressings twice a day now. (Like that will clear it up) Then she called Dr Starlin's office and they called me in some more Cypro that I was to take twice a day. It feels like someone is poking me with hot needles.

I looked at it before going to bed that night and I now have a new hole under the one that is healing, when I touched the middle of my chest a big wad of pus came out and it started stinging real bad.

September 20th woke up this morning around 5am to use the restroom and my chest was hurting so bad. I called my daughter Sara and she and her friend Stephanie came and got me and took me to the ER at Independence Regional. The Doctor said that it was good that it broke through and the infec. was coming out. That was it's not eating its way down to my chest cavity again. He gave me Clindamycin through IV and sent me home with a script I am to take 4 a day. So we will see from here, shoot what's another hole.

September 21st Redness has somewhat gone away, there is still allot of pus coming out and it is still very sore.

September 22nd Rachelle came out and packed some gauze in the new hole, I had to take it out later that afternoon because it was way to painful.

September 23rd Still very sore and burning all day

September 24th Debbie came out and changed dressing, she recommend that I talk with Dr Colyer about staying on Cypro for a while.

September 25th had appt with Dr Colyer, he wasn't to happy about the new infec. He said to have them pack the hole as best they could and to come back in 2 weeks.

September 26th Debbie called to see how I was doing, I told her what Dr Colyer had said and she said that she would see me Monday of Tuesday.

September 27th-28th No nurse weekend- hole is starting to heal- still some sore spots.

September 29th Rachelle called I was with my Mom had a little blister come up now it's raw.

September 30th Rachelle came out very sore and itchy today, healing OK still some red around wound.

October 1st Started taking Cypro again had toe poops all day, boob is very sore and I'm having sharp pains in it.

October 2nd Rachelle changed dressing used tape at top to hold gauze on very sore and red still.

October 3rd Still very sore today

October 4th and 5th No nurse weekend getting very sore where infec. Was before, not sure if new infec. Is coming back.

October6th Debbie came out and changed dressing, told her where it was sore in the same spot where the infec . was this last time, said to keep taking anti. And she was going to talk to Dr Colyer about keeping me on the Clindamycin in stead of the Cypro.

October 7th didn't feel good all day laid around most of the day.

October 8th Feeling down and chest is sore

October 9th went to see Colyer at 3:15 he said I was healing well and took me off the antibiotics, wants to see me in a month.

October 10th Rachelle came out, wasn't happy about Colyer taking me off my antibiotics.

October 11th and 12th Feeling tired today, itches real bad due to healing.

October 13th Rachelle came out she said she told Debbie about Colyer taking me off Anti. And she was upset about it. I told her it wasnt necessary to come later in the week that I would call them if anything changed.

October 14th everything seems to be healing good the hole has totally closed.

October 15th Still having a hard time breathing this money thing has got me so upset, not sure how I am going to pay my bills this month or next, or how I am going to get through the winter.

October 16th Life sucks right now, tags are due no money, feeling tired and depressed.

October 17th filled out papers for insurance because Sara moved out.

October 18th and 19th Weekend no nurse, slept all day Sunday- very sore w/o med.

October 20th Debi called today we are going to stop visits due to hole closing, I will call her if anything changes.

October 21st My birthday: Went to see Dr Ommen she looked at my right breast and she told me that I was bleeding under the right side, now I know why it was stinging.

October 22nd Raw and sore under right side

October 23rd -25th Feeling very tired have had a headache all week. Laid around most of the time.

October 26th Changed appt with Dr Colyer due to stinging under right breast.

October 27th _ 29th Getting ready to loose my power due to not having any money. Feeling sore and very depressed.

October 30th went to see Colyer he wants to wait till February to do anything else due to the infection that was there, he will put an implant and hopefully that will pull up the excess skin that is rubbing together.

October 31st - November 2nd Depressed and not sure what I am going to do about all these bills.

November 3rd - 5th Crabby and tired sore and stinging, really stressed over bills raw spot is starting to bleed again.

November 6th Went to Women's Clinic about Yeast Infec. Told me to go get some over the counter med, couldnt do that I had no money.

November 10th Felt real tired with a headache all day had sore throat.

November 11th Took Mel home headache sore throat and ache all over took some amok. That I had left over. Raw spot is still there, bleeding, scabbed over and sore. My breast is so deformed.

November 12th Very sick with head cold it has moved down to my chest; still have open sore on right side of breast.

November 13th still waiting for Dr Ommen to OK anti and cold med.

November 14th Finally feeling better, cold almost gone, haven't worn a bra for about 2 weeks and sore is about healed up I still have a lot of sore spots under the breast and across my stomach, they shut my power off on the 17th, had to borrow 200 from my Mom to have it turned back on.

November 27 Turkey day, Went to my sisters and had a good time.

November 28th - December 7th was very tired after Turkey day, very depressed over xmas got a tree up and trying to keep my spirits up, what to do for my girls for Christmas, I have no idea. This is so not right.

December 10th hocked my car today so that I could pay my phone bill and get something for xmas for my girls and my Mom. The scar under my right arm hurts a lot, I have a lot of sharp pains under the breast, I guess due to scar tissue.

December 11th - 27th still have to take pain pills everyday, Have a lot of pain under right breast, feels like under rib cage.

January 2004, Went to work for a friend of mine to get util bills caught up doing some customer service. Lost my mom on the 7th and my house about a month later.

February 2004 Betty (my sister in law) that owns the house that I am in called and wanted me to pay her all the back rent from 2003 or get out. Went to Colyer and he said that he wanted to wait 6 more months before repairing right breast.

March 2004 Job over, received a letter from Betty (my sister in law) stating that I had till April 1st to move. Received paper to go to court later in the month.

April 2004 Went to Court have till May 3rd to move out. Owe her 6 grand.

Trying to find a job, Sara and I are going to put everything in storage and live here and there for a while. This is so not fair. Went to see Colyer and he said that the scar tissue isn't strong enough to do anything yet, wants to wait 6 more months, and that would put me at October. Put off having anything done to my knee due to loosing my house and having to move.

Well this is July, still have no where really to live, been sick off and on so can't really get a job. Hired a lawyer for my medical case. Still haven't heard anything from disability, if they would have stepped up to the plate last year, I wouldn't have lost my house.

It's sad that there is no help out there for single people that have to go through what I did, today is December 22, 2004 and I still have everything in storage, getting ready for more Surgery in January to fix what the infec. had done to me.  Having to live with friends is really not me but It's the only thing I can do now.

Kimberley Stewart

Independence, Missouri


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